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Ujian Nasional Pathway

Start studying in university directly after going to Studienkolleg


Inform yourself about the major you are interested in studying

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Already know which direction you want to go but need inspiration on suitable majors to take? Contact our University Experts


Determine Studienkolleg Course (M- , W-, G- or T-)

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Before attending University in Germany, high school graduates from other countries have to attend a 1 year preparatory course called the Studienkolleg. There are 4 different types of Studienkolleg Courses, depending on what major you want to take in university. Our University Experts can help you determine which course you have to take.


Take the B2 Zertifikat Language Test


Before applying to the Studienkolleg, students have to acquire the B2 Zertifikat as a requirement. You can acquire the certificate by enrolling in our German courses, where we will prepare you effectively through a tried-and-proven technique that will equip you to pass the language test in no time.


Apply to the Studienkollegs in Germany


As a Deutsch+ student, our University Experts will help you along this process. From A to Z.


Apply for a student visa from the German Embassy


6 months before your planned departure, apply for a student visa from the German Embassy. As a Deutsch+ student, our German bureaucracy experts will also help you with this.


Look for accommodation, open a bank account, etc.


In the mean time, we will teach you on how to look for accommodation, open a bank account, and other relevant topics for your life in Germany. Deutsch+ will equip you with all the skills you need in order to start your life in Germany.


Fly to Germany and do the Studienkolleg Entrance Test (Aufnahmeprüfung)


Prepare yourself well for the Aufnahmeprüfung with our specially-designed Test Preparation Courses. 


Attend the Studienkolleg and graduate with the

Feststellungsprüfung certificate


This certificate, along with your Ijazah SMA, will allow you to apply for Bachelors at universities in Germany. 


Once you pass the Studienkolleg, enroll in a University of your choice. 


Congratulations, your hard work has finally paid off!

Of course, as a Deutsch+ student all our services are still open to you even after you start studying in Germany, so if you have any questions regarding university, part-time jobs, or anything really - we're happy to help!

Consult our


and discover the right #PathwaytoGermany for you
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