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Our Story

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia and founded in 2014 by a German university student from Indonesia, Deutsch+ aims to make reaching your dreams of going to university in Germany an easy and painless process.


Back in 2013, our founder Christiane was a freshly graduated high school student aspiring to study medicine in Germany. She looked everywhere for a reliable source of information in Indonesia that could help her reach her dream, but it was impossible to find any - and she had to go all the way to Germany and spend some extra time and money looking for information before she could finally start studying. 


A year later, as a first year medical student, she realized that she could use all her experiences and information she collected personally in Germany to help other students having the same dream.


There and then - Deutsch+ is born. A German language school that not only teaches German, but provides accurate help and guidance - free of charge for all our students.

Our University Experts at Deutsch+ understand that doing your own research on the admissions process of universities in Germany in a website filled with words that you don't understand isn't easily smooth sailing, and we're here to help you through that. Join our rapidly growing community of students and successful alumni, and discover your #PathwaytoGermany

Start your #PathwaytoGermany today!

Our Mission
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