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Masters in Germany

Study for free while earning money through part-time jobs. Win-win!


Inform yourself about the Master program you are interested in studying

Laptop Writing

Already know which direction you want to go but need inspiration on suitable majors to take? Contact our University Experts


Inform yourself about the language requirements for your chosen program


Some English-speaking programs do not require a German certificate, but all German-speaking programs do. Anyhow, acquiring a good German language foundation before departure to Germany (min. B1) will help you immensely during your life and studies in Germany. Not to mention, if you are interested in working part-time during your studies, German knowledge is a must.


Enroll as a German course student at Deutsch+


As a Deutsch+ student, we will guide you until you reach your goal of getting accepted into your dream university in Germany and help you with the visa bureaucracy as well, so you do not need to worry about anything. Click here for details on our language courses. 


Apply to your desired university and majors


As a Deutsch+ student, our University Experts will help you along this process. From A to Z.


Apply for a student visa from the German Embassy


6 months before your planned departure, apply for a student visa from the German Embassy. As a Deutsch+ student, our German bureaucracy experts will also help you with this.


Look for accommodation, open a bank account, etc.


In the mean time, we will teach you on how to look for accommodation, open a bank account, and other relevant topics for your life in Germany. Deutsch+ will equip you with all the skills you need in order to start your life in Germany.


Fly to Germany and enroll into your chosen university.


After getting your visa, fly to Germany and enroll into your chosen university. Congratulations!

Of course, as a Deutsch+ student all our services are still open to you even after you leave us, so if you have any questions regarding university, part-time jobs, or anything really - we're happy to help!

Consult our


and discover the right #PathwaytoGermany for you
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